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Windsor Campus:      01344 882942

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Nursery School serving Ascot, Bracknell, Windsor, Winkfield and surrounding area

St Peters Hall, Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, Windsor, Berkshire


Windlesham Road, Priestwood, Bracknell

                                     RG42 1GG                                    

Two Schools, one ethos: Structured learning in a fun, relaxed and caring environment

Our Practical Life activities will enable your child to gain control of their own world.  From simple pouring exercises to more complicated tying and threading activities, your child will learn in an uncomplicated pressure free environment.

Practical Life


The Sensorial activities lay the foundations for maths, language and science.  Montessori materials have what is called ‘control of error’ meaning that the child not only works with the material, but has a way of checking the work rather than seeking out a teacher


Montessori methods successfully nurture and develop children’s vocabulary and reading skills at an early age.

We use a phonic approach to recognising and reading sounds and letters. Montessori materials are all carefully designed to aid in this process

Communication, Language & Literacy

We aim to support the children’s curiosity, exploration and play.

We will give them opportunities to explore and share their thought through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities

Expressive Arts and Design

Developmental movement play is about helping young children build and make use of their felt sense of themselves and the world they live in - the foundation for everything they will be and do in their future lives.

Little Acorns children follow a Funfit programme devised by the British Gymnastic Association. Children learn to keep fit with music and dedicated instructors.

Development, Movement & Play

Maria Montessori believed that the first six years of a child's life are crucial to their future development.

We aim to provide quality care in a Montessori environment which will give your child the freedom to learn in controlled surroundings with materials which enable them to correct themselves.  We are there to guide the child.  The Directress presents materials and activities as models for imitation but then allows the child to make his/her own discoveries.

The Montessori Child


Montessori Equipment

Not only are Montessori mathematics materials stimulating and original, they really do work.  Sandpaper numerals enable the children to feel, see and hear what they are doing and from there they will progress easily on to more complicated and thought provoking exercises.